HEMP FURRSDAY – 7 Benefits of using it as bedding for your horses

Hemp Bedding is made from natural hemp shiv, the woody core of the hemp plant. When separated from the external fibre hemp shiv gives a highly absorbent bedding. Hemp is an ideal replacement for straw, paper or shavings for all pets, horses and poultry. Hemp is suitable for deep litter beds and for use in stables with rubber mats.

🐎 Hemp is:

    Highly absorbent
    Cost effective
    Dust extracted
    Easy to handle
    Environmentally friendly 
    Odour reducing

Hemp is capable of absorbing more liquid than wood shavings or straw, making the bed stay drier for longer.

Because Hemp use in this manner is dust-extracted it is kind to your animal’s respiratory system. Hemp is not acidic so less likely to irritate your pets eyes, as shavings and other bedding materials can. In addition, animal odours will be reduced as Hemp absorbs ammonia and other animal odours.

FULL ARTICLE, TESTIMONIALS AND MORE INFORMATION THANKS TO: https://eastyorkshirehemp.co.uk/animal-bedding.html

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