MEDICAL MONDAYS | An Introduction to The ICCI – The International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute

All About the ICCI in Prague.

An undeniable global interest in the study of cannabis treatments inspired the creation of the International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute (ICCI), the first Center of Excellence in this field located in the heart of Europe – Czech Republic. The ICCI identifies, coordinates and supports global research priorities for the advancement of cannabis and cannabinoid treatments through a multidisciplinary, evidence-based approach that incorporates innovative tools and methods.

A collaborative project of non-profit, for-profit and government institutions, the ICCI is an international research and educational hub designed to meet the needs of the global market. The ICCI offers an array of services that includes CRO services, agricultural sciences, product development, product safety certification, and government relations. The ICCI’s founders share a combined experience that includes the list below and a plethora of professional advice, services and information.

A Center Of Excellence
  • Clinical and basic research
  • Direct patient advocacy
  • Legislative efforts and studies
  • Government relations
  • Advisory and administration
  • Medical informatics
  • The creation of product safety protocols such as quality control/quality assurance standards and laboratory analysis for cultivation
  • Manufacturing and distribution of cannabis products and global entrepreneurship

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