New Cannabis based plastics move to take over big oil plastics.

Alternative Hemp Polymers now competitive with raw resin.

Feb 7, 2019

Boulder, Colorado.  

February 7, 2014 marked the passing of the original Federal Farm Bill, inviting new agricultural freedoms and encouraging a world of ecological alternatives in North America.  On this day, exactly 5 years later,  THE HEMP PLASTIC COMPANY (THPC), a specialist in eco-friendly materials for packaging and parts, proudly announces a historic breakthrough:

Hemp Plastic Commercialization.

With this announcement,  Hemp plastic straws, water bottles, plastic bags, jars and virtually anything found in fossil fuel based resin may now be competitively made from hemp plastic.

Modern polymer is generally made from fossil fuels – taking millions of years to create and ages to degrade, polluting our oceans and land.   In comparison, Cannabis Hemp is a renewable, industrial plant material, offering a welcome, green alternative to raw polymer.

In 1930, Henry Ford was first known to use hemp as a prototype bioplastic in car fenders, and THPC co-founder Paul Benhaim began creating marketable hemp bioplastic formulas back in the 1990’s.  

Today, THE HEMP PLASTIC COMPANY proudly announces the first full scale commercial production of hemp based bioplastics, ideal for nearly any application where fossil fuel resin is used.

Unlike other bioplastics using vegetable materials as filler, THPC has developed a revolutionary process to separate the various parts of the hemp plant, adding them individually to the bioplastics as needed to enhance the polymer properties.  THPC can add benefits such as fiber strength, and tap into natural flexibility attributes which are found within the hemp plant, then ultimately shared with this innovative polymer.

Manufacturers may now choose biodegradable, renewable, sustainable (in some cases, even compostable) plant based alternatives, suitable for thermalform, blow in, injection mold or film, hemp plastic effectively reduces plastic pollution down to a design decision

THPC’s unique eco-polymer breakthrough marks a first for North America, made with up to 100% bio material.  At this price, the breakthrough represents a game changer for the worlds manufacturers who were previously reliant on fossil fuel based plastic.

The convergence of demand, technology and the deregulation of hemp material opens the door for this new range of alternative polymer solutions, and THE HEMP PLASTIC COMPANY (THPC) is poised to supply  manufacturers worldwide.  With over 50 million lbs. of polymer capacity per harvest, this breakthrough represents a supply far larger than any previously available.

“We welcome North America’s new hemp farmers who are bringing back this valuable crop.   We also remain particularly thankful to our investors and our dedicated early adopters who drive our innovations.   Every ounce of hemp we use, is an ounce of petroleum based plastic we did not use.  This represents the catalyst linking all of our designers, suppliers and buyers” explained Kevin Tubbs, Co-Founder, and Chief Business Development Officer of  THE HEMP PLASTIC COMPANY.

Environmentalists are calling hemp plastic an eco-friendly game changer in the packaging industry, a revolutionary step forward because petroleum based plastic has been one of the major causes of pollution around the world.  

“We welcome manufacturers from all industries to make their products a little easier on the planet.” explains Co-Founder and Chairman Paul Benhaim, noted hemp industry leader, author of 9 books on industrial hemp, global keynote speaker, as well as CEO of Elixinol Global Ltd, an Australian ASX Public listed Company (ASX:EXL, OTCQX: ELLXF).  Mr Benhaim was inspired to work with hemp plastics when noting plastic pollution in the pristine Himalayas and was fueled further when learning about the Great Ocean Garbage Patches – some now as big as countries.

THE HEMP PLASTIC COMPANY is working with farmers, processors, chemical compounders, injection molders, film extruders and packaging makers to commercialize the unusual bio plastics. While custom polymer from hemp is available for all clients, the 4 primary options provide alternatives for most manufacturers:

HEMPPropylene ™ for injection molds, thermal forming etc.

HEMPEthylene ™ for films and injection molds.

HEMP-ABS™ for high impact needs.

HEMP-PLA™, 100% bio material for 3D printers etc.

THE HEMP PLASTIC COMPANY is poised to revolutionize the multibillion dollar parts and packaging industry, by offering a previously unavailable, ecofriendly alternative.

For more information, please visit:
  • 1495 Canyon Boulevard
  • Boulder, Colorado 80302   
  • 907-441-3333

Examples of products

Translucent HempPropylene, shown natural – capable of being tinted.


BE GREEN AND COMPETITIVE | Opt for a renewable, sustainable alternative solution

One comment

  • With thanks to The Hempclub uk on helping with this announcement. Very appreciative to our early adopters and those media sources supportive of our breakthrough. We have reduced plastic pollution down to a design decision, now it’s time for the designers to migrate to renewable, sustainable, compostable alternatives to fossil fuel based resin.


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