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EIHA PRESENTATION ON HEMP EXTRACT BY: Lorenza Romanese EIHA Managing Director Daniel Kruse, Board Member Tony Reeves, Advisory Committee 12 March 2019, WG PAFF Committee Who is EIHA and who do they represent: • Originally formed almost 19 years ago; officially founded in 2005. Based in Brussels and Cologne • The only pan-European consortium in the industrial hemp sector •

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FARMERS FRIDAY | ‘Channel Island Farmers are interested in growing medicinal cannabis’

PLANS are being made to convert greenhouses and other agricultural buildings into medicinal cannabis farms but growers are remaining tight-lipped due to the security and legal issues involved. Earlier this week the JEP revealed that the Island was planning to issue licences to grow the crop with the hope of raising hundreds of millions in revenue from exports and re-invigorating

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PRESS RELEASE ANNOUNCING THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF HEMP BIOPLASTIC FOSSIL FUEL BASEDPLASTIC POLLUTION NOW REDUCED TO A DESIGN DECISION _______________________________________________ New Cannabis based plastics move to take over big oilplastics. Alternative Hemp Polymers now competitive with raw resin. Feb 7, 2019 Boulder, Colorado.   February 7, 2014 marked the passing of the original Federal Farm Bill, inviting new agricultural freedoms and

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Green Tech Tuesday: Cold Pressed CBD HEMP OIL

Apex CBD Hemp Oil utilises the whole plant meaning the seeds, stems, and buds using cold pressed technology. Their proprietary extraction methods allow them to use no heat (Below 95 degrees), no toxic solvents or chemical’s in their processing methods. The oils you use every day for cooking, lotions, soaps, salves are extracted from seeds, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. From olive

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The Hemp Club 2018 Special | Recycling For The Future…or has it already arrived?

One of the largest CBD company’s CEO is stealthily backing a hemp plastics startup When President Donald Trump signed the farm bill into law Thursday, hemp production in the U.S. was made legal on a federal level for the first time in nearly a century. The bill’s passage was also a boon for manufacturers of therapeutic products containing the hemp-derived

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HEMP OIL FURRSDAY – 7 Benefits for Horses and Dogs

The Go-To Supplement For All Your Four-Legged Friends / by Nicholas Hill 6.12.18 1000 GMT Photos: by Cozmo Jenks Hemp Oil Benefits Improves: Skin, Hair and Bones Ensures your horse has healthy joints A frontline help for bringing down inflammation A solution to dry, itchy skin and an unhealthy coat Increases a horses vitality Feeds the brain and helps with

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