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Farmers Friday – Top 7 Regenerative Farming guidelines

Note: These guidelines are not requirements, they are goals for farms dedicated to regenerative principles. RCF is a lifelong endeavor, and we should all be striving to do better every season. We want to hear how much you are doing and hope that this will encourage you to do more. 13 REGENERATIVE FARMING QUESTIONS: What is your farm’s mission/purpose? What

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Farmers Friday: Will Hemp Skyrocket the UK Farming Economy?

UK Hemp: An Ancient Trade With a Bright Future By Jamie George our B2C Sustainability Specialist. Updated 0611 30.11.2018 Once a cornerstone of the British empire, the UK hemp trade has suffered through decades of vilification. With brexit looming, is it time we brought it in from the cold? Hemp has a reputation of something of a miracle crop. It’s legendary

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Green Tech Tuesday – Sustainable Earth

A Cornish plant factory by Dr Mick Fuller and Yve Metcalfe-Tyrrell A controlled environment hydroponic growing system using LED lighting powered by solar panels for year-around production Climate change, water shortage and insufficient agricultural available land are considered to be the main threats to crop production around the world. Coupled with a predicted increase of the world’s population from 7

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