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Green Tech Tuesday | Bridging the Gap Between Independent Breeders and the Market

Breeder’s Best will be the breeder-preferred partner to protect special cultivars of Cannabis and bring them to market, delivering both economic and recognition value to our network of Breeder-Artists. Their aim is to help their Breeder-Artists to improve the lives of consumers around the world, providing whole-plant and cannabinoid products of the highest quality.  They will create and deliver these products through a

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Farmers Friday – East Fork Cultivars

Would You Specialise in Low THC Chemovars and CBD Dominant Cannabis? At East Fork Cultivars they develop and maintain sustainable farming techniques that are focussed on sun-grown crops to generate genetically varied cannabis focusing on a dedication to the environment and our ecological obligations. Beyond being growers they are cultivators. Their vision is way ahead of simply working with the

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