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The boss of a drugs company, which has the largest legal cannabis farm in Kent, UK

I quote: “The company, which counts among its investors Capital Group, whose staff include the Prime Minister’s husband Philip May, was the first firm in the world to have a medicine derived from cannabis approved.” #cannabis #newsuk #news #canada twitter.com/thehempclubuk/status/1058988793905188864 A GW Pharma cannabis growing site. Pictures: Tim Platt

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The Medical Establishment Shows Its True Colours On Cannabis. A Betrayal of Patients. | Peter Reynolds

NHS England has today published what it describes as prescribing guidance – ‘Cannabis-based products for medicinal use: Guidance to clinicians‘. The actual guidance is buried within a mountain of bureaucratic doublespeak and requires downloading PDFs from the Royal College of Physicians (download here) and the British Paediatric Neurology Association (download here). In both cases, aside from chemotherapy-induced nausea, the guidance

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