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FARMERS FRIDAY | A Natural Resource to Enrich the Earth

SafeRock is committed to creating an environmentally better future with their 100% natural resource! SAFEROCK MINERALS SafeRock is at the forefront of agricultural sustainability in its efforts to provide a natural solution to the global crisis of soil degradation. Their resource has been certified for use in organic agriculture as a mineral soil conditioner. The minerals are 100 per cent recoverable with

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Farmers Friday – 6 Steps to Creating a Fungal Ecosystem on your Land

Using fungi as a tool for ecological restoration is a relatively new concept borrowed from the age-old methods of nature. Today, we know that the strength and health of any ecosystem is a direct measure of its diverse fungal populations and their interplay with plants, insects, bacteria, and other organisms. With this guide, I wanted to create a protocol that

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Organic Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference

VANCOUVER – BRITISH COLUMBIA  The Science of Organic Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference January 11-13, 2019 Ticket available here:  https://www.regenerativeorganiccannabis.com/vancouver-british-columbia Well Done Canada, you are the first, and thanks for highlighting that we need this plant in our daily lives “The goal is to grow organically and to become regenerative. With this all in mind our focus and tool belt will

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