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WEDNESDAY PODCAST REPORT | Terpenes, Cannabinoids, CBD, DEM PURE Regenerative Cannabis

Cannabinoids and Terpenoids in Detail Part 2 with guest Dr. Ethan Russo CLICK IMAGE TO BE TAKEN TO THE PODCAST Dr. Ethan Russo returns for Part 2 of our epic dive into the essential cannabis cannabinoids and terpenoids. During Shaping Fire episode 11, we went paragraph by paragraph through Dr. Russo’s cornerstone “Taming THC” paper. On this week’s episode of

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Wednesday Report |The Cannabis Co-Working Space Coming to London

It would seem that the cannabis industry is thriving in the UK since the 1st November Home Office announcement that medical cannabis is legal. The announcement has not yielded anywhere near the level of access to cannabis that many were hoping for (or indeed, relying on) as since the November 1st announcement, the number of people who have actually accessed

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