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A HUGE THANK YOU TO: ProjectCBD for this information and survey by PROJECT CBD ON NOVEMBER 28, 2018 Calling all CBD users, FOR FULL ARTICLE AND LINKS TO SURVEY FOLLOW THIS LINK Whether your remedy is fresh flower or concentrate, tincture or vape oil, cannabis or hemp-derived—we’re asking you to share your CBD experience by participating in a user-friendly, interactive research survey. Give us feedback about what’s

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Farmers Friday | Research Festival: Healthy Landscapes

Reducing impact and improving productivity of soils Part of the Research Festival 2019 Our soil is in crisis. A third of the planet’s land is severely degraded, and fertile soil is being lost at the rate of 24 billion tonnes a year. With the increasing population and our need for productive land the situation is becoming a critical and growing

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Green Tech Tuesday – Sustainable Earth

A Cornish plant factory by Dr Mick Fuller and Yve Metcalfe-Tyrrell A controlled environment hydroponic growing system using LED lighting powered by solar panels for year-around production Climate change, water shortage and insufficient agricultural available land are considered to be the main threats to crop production around the world. Coupled with a predicted increase of the world’s population from 7

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