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Green Tech Tuesday: Leapfroging Old Technology, A Switch To Innovative Solutions

With the marijuana industry growing each year as more and more states legalize, there are also concerns as how to regulate a product that is infamously secretive and under the radar. Blockchain technology has been trying to offer some answers to a lot of the questions raised, concerning how to legally sell a product that’s been illegal for so long.

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Hempflax and Sensi Seeds Help Italy

By  Tasha Smith  10.09.2018  –  Culture The REVIRIDE Hemp Project Could Protect Italy’s Industrial Heartland From Pollution / by TASHA SMITH Italy Reviride is an eco-project by the Italian company Hesalis, which decontaminates soil contaminated with industrial hemp and invites people to a healthier life. The goal is to turn Italy green again and stop rising cancer rates. In the footsteps

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The advancements in cannabis technology are promising, and as with any major medical breakthrough, we need to overcome the challenges and bring forth the solutions

Source: https://www.healthcareglobal.com/pharmaceutical/future-medical-cannabis-personalisation The future of medical cannabis is personalisation By EYAL BARAD, CEO AT CANNABICS PHARMACEUTICALS INC. .  Oct 06, 2018, 9:00AM While the perception around cannabis has started shifting, it still remains under the label of a We live in an era of personalisation, and it is no different when it comes to medicine. Precision medicine remains a hot topic in

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