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WEDNESDAY MARKET REPORT | EU votes to support medical cannabis

The Cannabis Industry | Fuelling Green Tourism International Cannabis Business Conference (ICBC) ICBC BARCELONA 2019 | 14 March 2019 Auditori de Cornellà/W Hotel It’s no secret that progressive cannabis laws can create jobs and generate revenue for locales that have legalized, regulated, and taxed marijuana. However, less known is the impact that cannabis-related activities can have on the tourism dollars brought in from both travelers that are intentionally

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BUILDING FOUNDATIONS, NETWORKS AND PATHWAYS Applications to be made by the 2nd January 2019 to https://www.ifoam.bio/en/regenerative-agriculture-foundation-course Join the regenerative agriculture community and strengthen your own knowledge and understanding! Co-create with a network of peers. Share with and learn from expert trainers in the field of regenerative and organic agriculture development. Gain an understanding of the concepts and complexities of truly

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Medicinal Monday: Cleaning Up/ DEM Pure Certificates, our future?

DEM Pure Commitment A DEM Pure Certificate redefines what the Cannabis industry sees as pure, clean medicine. Cannabis has had many generations of being demonized, ostracized and misunderstood. We are now out of prohibition with a wonderful opportunity to create our own standards and expectations on how medicine should be treated, grown and perceived. A Pure certification involves education and

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Medicinal Cannabis: What Does the Science Say? | Jamie George

JAMIE GEORGE Wed 31 Oct 2018 19.44 GMT  Last modified on Thurs 1st Nov 2018 07.32 GMTFrom today (November 1st), doctors in the UK will, for the first time, be legally allowed to prescribe medical cannabis to their patients. The shift in policy was announced in July by home secretary Sajid Javid following the prominent media attention given to the cases of

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