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Is there any plan to build Industrial Hemp cultivation into any green and economic policy to help farmers diversify with this highly topical Carbon sequestering crop? Seeding the future of British Hemp CREATING A THRIVING DOMESTIC HEMP INDUSTRYTheir MissionThe UK has a unique opportunity to establish a leading position within one of the most important and rapidly growing agricultural and

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The Hemp Club 2018 Special | Recycling For The Future…or has it already arrived?

One of the largest CBD company’s CEO is stealthily backing a hemp plastics startup When President Donald Trump signed the farm bill into law Thursday, hemp production in the U.S. was made legal on a federal level for the first time in nearly a century. The bill’s passage was also a boon for manufacturers of therapeutic products containing the hemp-derived

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Farmers Friday: Will Hemp Skyrocket the UK Farming Economy?

UK Hemp: An Ancient Trade With a Bright Future By Jamie George our B2C Sustainability Specialist. Updated 0611 30.11.2018 Once a cornerstone of the British empire, the UK hemp trade has suffered through decades of vilification. With brexit looming, is it time we brought it in from the cold? Hemp has a reputation of something of a miracle crop. It’s legendary

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