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The A-Z of CBD | Everything you want to start to know

10/11/18 Last updated By Nicholas Hill 18th January 2019 Individuals take or apply cannabidiol (CBD) to treat an assortment of ailments, however, there does seem to be a stigma attached to it!  Many people are unclear about what it is and how it influences the human body. Cannabidiol (CBD) has many medical advantages, and the public may not know of them.

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Building your dream home could send you to the hemp dealer Hemp is staging a comeback as a building material Hempcrete is a green alternative to fiberglass insulation in homebuilding. SOURCE AND FULL ARTICLE: Bob Woods The cannabis sativa plant isn’t just for smoking. You can build your home with hemp One of the oldest and most sustainable building

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HEMP FURRSDAY – 7 Benefits of using it as bedding for your horses

Hemp Bedding is made from natural hemp shiv, the woody core of the hemp plant. When separated from the external fibre hemp shiv gives a highly absorbent bedding. Hemp is an ideal replacement for straw, paper or shavings for all pets, horses and poultry. Hemp is suitable for deep litter beds and for use in stables with rubber mats. 🐎 Hemp is: Highly absorbent

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Project CBD’s Claws and Effect – CBD Furrsdays

All beings with a backbone have an endocannabinoid system. Is cannabis medicine a good option for the health of your dog or cat? Photo by Project CBD Any animal with a backbone (classified as a chordate) has an endocannabinoid system. The Kingdom of Chordata includes amphibians, reptiles, birds, fish, and mammals, including house pets. Many animal-owners treat their beloved pets like

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Organic Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference

VANCOUVER – BRITISH COLUMBIA  The Science of Organic Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference January 11-13, 2019 Ticket available here: Well Done Canada, you are the first, and thanks for highlighting that we need this plant in our daily lives “The goal is to grow organically and to become regenerative. With this all in mind our focus and tool belt will

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